Editorial Board


Martha E. Trujillo
Universidad de Salamanca, Spain
Research interests: Plant-microbe interactions, actinobacterial systematics, rhizobial systematics, genomics
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Nomenclature Reviewer, List Editor

George Garrity
Michigan State University, USA
Research interests: Bioinformatics and computational biology, ontologies for biological applications, algorithm development for the rapid classification and identification of microorganisms and microbial products, nomenclature and annotation, data visualization, and knowledge mining.
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Aharon Oren
The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Jerusalem
Research interests: Biology of hypersaline microorganisms; Prokaryote systematics and nomenclature
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Nomenclature Reviewers

Maria Chuvochina
Australian Centre for Ecogenomics, The University of Queensland, Australia
Research interests: Systematics and nomenclature of prokaryotes, microbial ecology and evolution, taxonomy
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Bernard Schink
University of Konstanz, Germany
Research interests: Anaerobic, physiology, anaerobic biochemistry, bioenergetics, microbial ecology, fermentations, phototrophic bacteria
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Stefano Ventura
National Research Council - Insitute of Ecosystem Study, Italy
Research interests: Biology of cyanobacteria, microbial ecology of polar terrestrial environments, taxonomy of cyanobacteria, systematics and nomenclature of prokaryotes
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Chemotaxonomy Reviewer

Hans-Jurgen Busse
Veterinrmedizinische Universitat, Austria
Research interests: Bacterial taxonomy, chemotaxonomy, environmental microbiology
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Associate Editors

David Arahal
University of Valencia
Research interests: Marine bacteria, genomics, prokaryote systematics, culture collection, microbial resources, preservation
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Richard Birtles
University of Salford, UK
Research interests: Infectious agents, anthropod transmission, transmission pathways

Sofie De Meyer
Murdoch University, Australia
Research interests: Azorhizobium, bradyrhizbium, ensifer, mesorhizobium, rhizobium, neorhizobium, microvirga, methylobacterium, burkholderia, paraburkholderia, cupriavidus
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Micah Dunthorn
University of Kaiserslautern, Germany
Research interests: Protist diversity and biogeography
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Stefanie Glaeser
Justus-Liebig-Universitat Giessen, Germany
Research interests: Prokaryote systematics, microbial ecology, marine and freshwater microbiology, plant–microbe interactions
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Richard Hahnke
DSMZ, Germany
Research interests: Environmental microbiology, microbial evolution, halophilic archaea, marine and freshwater flavobacteria, polysaccharide decomposition, culture collection

Celia Hugo
University of the Free State
Research interests: Chryseobacterium, taxonomy, psychrotrophic flavobacteria in food, natural preservatives in food
Amanda Jones
Northumbria University, UK
Research interests: Mycolic acid containing and bioactive compound producing actinomycetes
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Paul Lawson
University of Oklahoma, USA
Research interests: Microbial Systematics, taxonomy, chemotaxonomy, Firmicutes
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Andre Lipski
Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität Bonn, Germany
Research interests: Foodborne microorganisms, psychrophilic bacteria, chemotaxonomy, bacterial lipids, taxonomy

Alejandro P. Rooney
United States Department of Agricultiure
Research interests: Microbial systematics, taxonomy and evolutionary biology; molecular evolution; discovery and development of living microbial biological control agents for use against arthropod vectors of disease and plant pathogens
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Ken-Ichiro Suzuki
Tokyo University of Agriculture, Japan
Research interests: Bacterial, taxonomy, actinomycete, chemotaxonomy, culture collection, preservation
Editor's webpage

Fabiano Thompson
Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), Brazil
Research interests: Marine systems, marine microbes, holobionts, corals, genomic taxonomy, metagenomics, cyanobacteria, vibrios
Editor's webpage
Stephanus Venter
Forestry and Agricultural Biotechnology Insistute, South Africa
Research interests: Bacterial phylogenetics, genomics, bacterial evolution, paraburkholderia, plant-associated enterobacteriaceae

Antonio Ventosa
University of Sevilla, Spain
Research interests: Taxonomy, genomics, biotechnology of halophilic archaea and bacteria
Editor's webpage
Xue-Wei Xu
State Oceanic Administration, China
Research interests: Taxonomy, Marine microbe
Editor's webpage

Hana Yi
Korea University
Research interests: Bacterial genomics, metagenomics and taxonomy
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