News : Peer Review Week 2016: Words from our Editors-in-Chief

23 September 2016
From 19–25 September we are celebrating Peer Review Week at the Microbiology Society. The theme this year is ‘recognition for review’ and we would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our reviewers. Microbiology Society journals rely on the hard work of our referees to ensure the continuation of high-quality publications. We recognise that peer reviewers give their time and efforts as a contribution to their respective fields and play a vital role in the success of the publication process.

We asked some of our Editors-in-Chief for their thoughts on the role of peer reviewers:

Robert Hall, JMM Case Reports Co-Editor-in-Chief, says, “Peer review is an absolutely vital function in science, but it receives scant recognition. Editors can invite reviewers from the ranks of the field’s leaders, but for the most part, the willingness of the world’s greatest experts to participate largely depends on collegiality, general interest, and good will.”

Microbiology has launched a Board of Reviewers this week, highlighting a dedicated group of representatives who will provide an impartial and objective assessment during the peer review process. Of our Board of Reviewers, Editor-in-Chief Tanya Parish says, “This is a group of expert reviewers, who have committed to provide us with prompt and high-quality reviews without compromise on the quality.” Read this article to find out more about Microbiology’s Board of Reviewers.

Stacy Efstathiou, Journal of General Virology Co-Editor-in-Chief, says, “The success of the journal is dependent on the generous time and advice provided by reviewers. As well as advising Editors on the suitability of papers for publication, they often provide valuable advice to authors on how to strengthen their work. For all this, Editors, authors and journals owe all reviewers a big thank-you.”

Whatever challenges peer review may face in the future, without the input and support of reviewers our publications would not be where they are today. If you are interested in reviewing for our journals, please contact the Editorial Office.
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