CFBP 2341 (=ICMP 2823=NCPPB 1437)
CIP 105541 (=CFML 96-198)
DSM 14020 (=CFML 92-111=CIP 104664=NCIMB 13509)
pv. LMG 5066 (=ICMP 2189=NCPPB 2411=PDDCC 2189)
LMG 2190 (=ATCC 9890=CCEB 607=CIP 59.22=IAM 12356=NCIB 8178)
CFBP 6111 (=ICMP 9151=NCPPB 3465)
DSM 11331 (=CIP 104663)
    A () P 513/19 (=DSM 14937=LMG 21464), P 514/01, P 517/12, P 517/22, P 527/30, P 528/25, P 530/13
    B () P 527/13 (=DSM 14936=LMG 21465), P 527/10, P 529/17
    C P 501/02, P 501/16, P 515/18, P 527/17, P 527/22
    D () P 538/23 (=DSM 14939=LMG 21466), P 516/20
    E1 P 515/12 (=DSM 14938=LMG 21467), P 515/10, P 530/23, P 517/04
    E2 P 515/15, P 515/17
Table 1.

Reference and isolated grass-associated strains used in this study

Abbreviations: ATCC, American Type Culture Collection, Manassas, VA, USA; CCEB, Institute of Entomology, CSAV Czechoslovak Academy of Sciences, Department of Insect Pathology, Prague, Czech Republic; CFBP, Collection Française des Bactéries Phytopathogènes, Angers, France; CFML, Collection de la Faculté de Médecine de Lille, Lille, France; CIP, Collection de l'Institut Pasteur, Paris, France; DSM, Deutsche Sammlung von Mikroorganismen und Zellkulturen, Braunschweig, Germany; IAM, Institute of Applied Microbiology, University of Tokyo, Institute of Molecular and Cellular Bioscience, Tokyo, Japan; ICMP, International Collection of Microorganisms from Plants, Plant Disease Division, DSIR, Auckland, New Zealand; LMG, Laboratorium voor Mikrobiologie, Universiteit Gent, Gent, Belgium; NCIB (=NCIMB=NCMB), National Collection of Industrial and Marine Bacteria, Aberdeen, UK; NCPPB, National Collection of Plant-Pathogenic Bacteria, Central Science Laboratory, York, UK; P, culture at the collection in the Institute of Primary Production and Microbial Ecology, Centre for Agricultural Landscape and Land Use Research Müncheberg (ZALF), Paulinenaue, Germany; PDDCC, Plant Division Culture Collection, New Zealand Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, Auckland, New Zealand.

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